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SINCE 1997! SunOrganic Farm is a USDA Certified Organic packaging facility located in San Marcos, California. We source the highest quality, freshest Organic items and offer them year around. We carry Certified Organic, GMO-Free food - Organic nuts, and Organic Dried Fruits, Organic Beans, Organic Grains, Organic Seeds among 300 Organic food ingredients. Our 'official' telephone hours are Monday - Friday, 8 AM to 4:00 PM Pacific time but try any time and leave a message. Most Organic food orders are processed and shipped within 48 hours. Call by noon and ask for same day shipment.

Stay healthy and protect the environment. Organic farming is not just the absence of pesticides but the presence of an agricultural system that protects croplands, supports biodiversity and respects the balance of nature rather than attempting to control it with powerful, often toxic, synthetic chemicals. At SunOrganic Farm our objective is to provide you, our valued customer, the absolute best in USDA Certified Organic foods.SunOrganic Farm Organic foods contain no preservatives, no artificial colors and most important no pesticides. Our unprocessed foods retain all the flavor and nutritional values nature intended.