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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship internationally?
Yes. We ship all over the world.

Can I ship to APO/FPO addresses?
Yes, we ship to APO/FPO addresses via USPS.

Do you offer free shipping?
No. There is no markup of our prices to help with shipping cost. We offer packages of a few items (including Organic Dates), that many people order alone, that include shipping in the price shown.

How is shipping cost calculated?
We have a handling fee of $2.50 per order and add actual shipping cost. The web site will calculate a UPS shipping estimate based on the weight of items and distance from our facility in San Marcos, California - using your zip code after your name and address are entered. We never exceed this estimate and many times the actual cost is less. We adjust for that before charging your credit card at the time of shipment. For some orders of about 20 pounds or less it might work out to be less expensive and faster to send via USPS Priority Mail. We also send multiple Priority Mail boxes if appropriate. If we use this option, the cost is adjusted before your credit card is charged.

Will I be notified when my order is shipped?
Yes. You will receive email notification from UPS (or the Postal Service) with tracking information when your order is sent. You can also check the status of your order on our web site if you have set up an account.
How are your products packaged?
We package/seal our items in food grade plastic bags.

Do you grow your products?
Although we are SunOrganic Farm, we don’t actually grow/harvest any of our products. However, we do have great relationships with our growers and are sure to source our food from only the best.

Where are your products grown?
We have 350 different items which come from around the globe. Most are from the USA and Canada. If you have a question about a specific product origin, feel free to contact us. All of the food we do import must meet the strict standards of the USDA National Organic Program.

How long have you been in business?
We got our start in 1997 in Valley Center, CA near San Diego. We are currently located in San Marcos, CA. Also close to San Diego.

Do you offer bulk or wholesale pricing?
We consider the price of the largest item to be our wholesale price. This is usually our bulk 20-25 pound bags. This wholesale price is available to all. We keep our prices as low as possible for all our customers. If you order more than 200 pounds of any one item we can possibly offer a small discount. This is done on a case by case basis and will depend on commodity pricing at the time of order.

Do you do co-packaging?
Yes. We are a Certified Organic Handler. As such we have co-pack agreements with others and our facility is available for further arrangements of this type.

Do you need to have an account?
No, but with an account you can review previous orders, check the status of current orders and get through checkout a little faster.

When is my credit card charged?
 Your credit card is charged when your order is shipped.

Can I pick up my order?
 Yes. We do not have a fancy store set up but you are welcome to pick up orders. If you have several items it might be best to call or email a list so we are sure to have all sizes available without a wait. We are here 8AM-5PM Monday-Friday and weekends can usually be arranged. You can also place an online order – ignore the shipping and handling charges – and add a note telling us when you plan to come.

Is your food non-GMO?
Yes. All of our USDA Certified Organic food is non-GMO. In fact, all USDA Certified Organic food is non-GMO.