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All Natural Active Dry Yeast
    All Natural Active Dry Yeast
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      All Natural Active Dry Yeast

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    For use in bread machines & traditional baking.

    Does NOT contain wheat gluten or other cereal protein. 

    Approx. 2 1/4 tsp. equals 1/4 oz. packet of yeast. Three 1/4 oz. packets equal the activity of 2 oz. yeast cake.

    Store in cool, dry place. 
    Do NOT eat raw yeast-based dough.

    Baking Tips:

    Use a thermometer to determine liquid tempatures. For traditional baking methods: dissolve one packet in 1/4 cup warm liquid, 110-115 degrees F. Add 1/2 tsp. sugar. Wait for foam to double in volume. OR Blend yeast with dry ingredients. Add very warm liquid, 120-130 degrees F. Aviod liquid temperatures above 140 as this will harm the yeast. 

    For bread machines: Use liquid at 80 degrees F.

    0 Calories, 0 Fat, 0 Sodium 

    Product of Mexico